Yoga Classes

Within an inclusive perspective, unique yoga classes are held weekly. The classes hold dear the balance between mind and body and focus on the evolution and self-awareness of each student. 

In the Hatha Yoga lessons, permanence, strength and flexibility are the focus with each posture, emphasising alignment and breathing awareness, in a smooth flow. Apart from the physical postures, the lessons include meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation, so ideal for all ages.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Vinyasa Yoga lessons stimulate the flow of movement through breathing, increasing flexibility, resistance and vitality in an aware way, balancing the mind and body. It is a dynamic and vigorous yoga style.

Yin Yoga

The Yin Yoga lessons motivate introspection and stimulates the deeper part of the muscles, the connective tissues, through the longer permanence in each posture. It is a meditative style of yoga, with intensive stretching, that promotes self-awareness and physical, emotional and energetic well-being.