Rafaela Feitosa

39 years old | Seamstress

"Since I was introduced to yoga I haven’t needed to go to the hospital to take injections for the pains that I felt in my back. I am grateful for all the transformations that yoga has brought within me, in both my body and my mind. "

Karla Rodrigues

36 years old | English Teacher

"The Yoga na Maré project was a door that connected me to all my best parts and the best parts of others. After the lessons, there is a feeling of belonging, not to a place, but to yourself. And this is very, very precious. It is powerful. Ana Olivia, through the Yoga na Maré project, brought happiness and transformation and renewed our hope to live in peace. "

José Francisco

58 years old | Bus Driver

"For me yoga is a therapy, because it brings me peace, health and happiness. I was depressed and yoga saved me. Too bad that I cannot do it always, because I have to work. "

Helen Ferreira

22 years old | Student

"I was introduced to the project about a year ago (August 2016) and, since then, I can see the positive changes that yoga has brought about in me. At the same time that yoga makes us much more present, yoga makes us much more aware of our bodies, minds and of everything that goes on around you. Normally, we don’t separate time for ourselves and each lesson gives us this opportunity in a different way. I can say that the Yoga na Maré project has provided the residents, not only with the practice, but also the importance of being in the present, and through this, transmit love once facing whatever situation. "

Giselle Rodrigues

27 years old | Works with Management

"Yoga came into my life at a difficult moment for me. I had just separated from my partner, I was unemployed and, to make things worse, I was suffering from generalised anxiety. I felt powerless, sad. For some days, I could only cry. I felt like I was at the bottom of a pit, I was aware of this, but I didn’t know what to do to change. One day, my sister, who was already a student at the project invited me to go with her, and since that very first lesson, my life changed. It seems like a cliché, but it’s really true. Yoga taught me to judge myself less and to live in the present moment, which is really the only one that exists. I freed myself from the weight of the past and the anxiety in relation to the future. Today, I feel much happier and calmer. I am very grateful to the project and to the teacher Ana Olivia for bringing yoga to our community."

Antônia Ferreira

61 years old | Manicurist

"Yoga is very important in my life, as it has taught me to focus and breath better. In my stressful daily routine, I stop, meditate, I think about the words that the teacher says at the beginning of each lesson, and this helps me a lot. The Yoga na Maré project does a lot of good to the people that participate, and it is great to be with the group, which is wonderful! "

Alex Ashar

39 years old | Public Health Worker

"Yoga has been a real turning point in my life in regards to what I think about life philosophy, as it has helped me be calmer and focus more on my health. When I realised the difficulty I had to do some basic exercises, I began to realise the importance of doing more exercise to get back to the physique I had 10 years ago, when I was a football player. Without saying that the environment of the people who practice yoga is excellent! I can only be thankful for the day that I was introduced to yoga through our teacher Ana. I am still a beginner, but as each day goes by I am more involved in this practice. "